How to Get Past the Beginning

The beginning of anything is often the hardest part of it. This applies especially to the guitar. Unlike the piano, making a good sounding chord may cause pain in the beginning. You may never get past this stage - unless you persist.

Within a few weeks of steady playing, your fingers toughen up a little - it stops hurting so much to press down on the strings with your fretting hand. The bad news is, unless you play your guitar during those painful weeks, the pain will never diminish, thus you will never become a guitar player.  read more »

Some New Year’s Resolutions Really Work, even past Valentine’s Day

By Thom Tollerson - originally published in the Barrow-Jackson Journal

* Resolve to persist * Get inspired: Perspire.
* Key indicators for success: do you love to play? Do you take the time?

The New Year begins. We feel renewed, alive and ready for positive change. Everything feels fresh. We feel capable of new beginnings.  read more »

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We're Back

A recent question posted by a guitar aficionado named Shawn:

¨I am seeking a Professional Opinion on the use of electric guitar strings on an accoustic guitar. If you can provide an answer for me, please provide your qualifications. Thank you in advance!  read more »

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